At Pluss, we strive to match high quality with effective performance and durability that helps our investors to conduct their business with unmatched efficiency and reliability. We can also commit to providing our customers with an exceptional after sales service.

The Group confidently offers you a proven, value-adding after sales service, which has helped our client’s growth and enabled them in turn, to serve their customers more efficiently and confidently. Our paradigm being passion, professionalism and dedication is the competitive advantage which has gained us trust and confidence of many leading clients in Sri Lanka.

Pluss International has also grown in reputation for supplying state of the art conditioning equipment such as air coolers and air curtains for corporate and home users under the Brand name of CAMRY.


Vision is to be a supplier of high quality world class equipments of the sectors we serve and offer the high performance service level making our brand, one of the best known in the island


To going after the current trends of technology to offer the best solutions for the requirements in industrial development.